A Frame Per Day – 11th film –14/38


14th frame

Minolta PROD 20′s
lomography color 400

04.09.2016 – never say never again🙂 – though i am sure i took off the lens cap, but i wouldn’t swear. and from now on i will write on the blank negatives, so it is not only black and i think i don’t break the rule, as it is the frame of the day. if everything would have been okay you would see an old chair between big sun flowers. so the only thing i can suggest is: “use your illusion” …

© 2016 Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld, all rights reserved

what do you see…


“Was sieht man, wenn man Eisbären durch eine blaue Sonnenbrille anschaut?”
“Na, Blaubeeren!”

“What do you see, wenn you look at polarbears through blue sunglasses?”
“Easy! Blueberries!” (I think this works better in German, but I wanted to translate it though…)

Nikon F3HP
Kentmere 400
edit: bluetoning

© 2016 Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld, all rights reserved